About Us

carWelcome to the Family of Fortuneer Group. At first we confirm you that you are in the right place in the right time. Here your growth pace along with the company’s will earn you financial stability, social respect, future assurance as well as some envies, who are always like to see themselves in the looser part and curse their “ill fate” day in and day out. Anyway, Fortuneer is just the launching platform of your flamboyant career where you will find another sky to reach after you conquer one sky. Fortuneer shows you the path of growth towards endless.

Now, we make some questions on behalf of you why and how much should I earn? What is the difference of my income from that of others? Where should stop my working days to take rest of peace? What are waiting for me in the future in this career? How would my family rate my career at present as well as in the future also? How can I contribute to my society through this career? Hope, these are some obvious questions poking into your mind before having a Hand Shake with Us. Let us resolve your questions one by one as we are liable to solve all your quires before having you into our Fortuneer Family.

eggWhy and how much should you earn? The eternal and universal answer is to win bread for self and for family. No extra discussion is to be carried out no this regard. But how much would you earn is entirely depended on you. In fact, Fortuneer would provide you an invisible remote to use to earn as much as you can. Our advice to you to earn a bit more that you need to run your family. Why? Who doesn’t know that money is empowered to bring social respect for which we all are hanky?

gardenEverybody earns more or less; but very few know earning respect and recognition along with money. And in Fortuneer, in every walk you will find respect and recognition with huge income. True to say, one day you would discover that the only driver of your huge earnings is Respect and Recognition. Here is the difference of your income from that of a few others whom you know as money hunters.

There is on stoppage of your income in Fortuneer. Yes, no stoppage. With your growing age, then you think to put a permanent full stop on your working life to take some rest of peace, your income will go on relentlessly. Again, when you will be loved into God’s Heaven, your family will continue to earn on the grace of your prolific working life. In a nutshell, you mint your present and future simultaneously in Fortuneer as well as of your family’s also. Here your earning includes money, pension, gratuity and medical benefits for self and for your family.

ftSo your have already come to know that what are waiting for you in your future at Fortuneer. And if these are so, we need not the mention how your family would rate your career. We should not be extravagant in word expenditure.
Last of all, as Fortuneer works tirelessly towards some social cause in a getup of business, you by being an important part and parcel of this organization are getup of business, you by being an important part and parcel of this organization are always contributing formidably for your society. Again with your growing income, you would contribute in the Government revenue funds in the form of income tax, professional tax and service tax. With your growing income and purchasing capacity, you again contribute a lot in the form of consumer turn over.

Now you think the strength of yours being into Fortuneer family. We are sure that you got answers of all your questions. So, what for your decision waits? Just come and join your hands with us. Your hidden winning power deserves to see day light. And Fortuneer is that window through which you can see the world of success.


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