Press Release

The Sharod Shree: Durga Puja Award Programme in Kolkata, Salt Lake

The Fortuneer group is proud to present the Sharod Shree: Durga Puja Award Programme this year commemorating the best Durga Puja held last year. It is a very innovative event where six major awards are being delivered to the winners based on six major yardsticks related to the entire event of the Durga Puja. These six criteria were namely: Best Puja, Best Theme, Best Image, Best Environment and two Special Judges Awards. These awards where equally divided into northern and southern Kolkata. The final winners were actually siX puja committees from north Kolkata and that of six from the south. But the selection was quite a tedious and detailed work for the judges. In the first round top 40 Puja committees had been selected who had also won trophies, certificate and Rs 5000 as prize money. The final winners from the north Kolkata were:

• Tala Barowari Durgotsab (Best Puja)
• Dum Dum Torun Dal (Best Theme)
• Mitali (Kakurgachi) (Best Image)
• Ultadanga Sangrami Satbojonin (Best Environment)
• United Club Ultadanga (Special Judges Award)
• Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee (Special Judges Award)
The final winners from south Kolkata were:
• Suruchi Sangha (Best Puja)
• Tridhara Sammilani (Best Theme)
• 95 Pally Sarbojonin (Best Image)
• Naktala Udayan Sangha(Best Environment)
• Chakraberia Sarbojonin (Special Judges Award)
• Bandhushree (Special Judges Award)

We at Fortuneer try to deliver the best services in terms of event management and execution. Despite being able to handle corporate events and occasions with ease, we are also expertise in providing an expert management skills in events like Sharodshree where there is a lot of involvement I terms of time and skills. The success of the Sharodshree
event which was held in Salt Lake Kolkata was due to the constant effort by our group of skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds like media, marketing, creative art and administration and obviously management.
The event has several phases and this was conducted in association with other groups namely Polygon Initiatives who were the web partners of the event and Udeas group.


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